Our Values

Our whole school community came together to decide our key values that guide all that we endeavour to do. In our school we live by our values; even our youngest children will be able to tell you how they demonstrate the values in their everyday lives.

Our values are threaded through all aspects of school life including the curriculum, assemblies and our positive behaviour management system.


People who visit our school tell us that they can see and feel the impact of our values which are:


Being Caring To each other, ourselves, our school and our world.
Commitment to Achieve In everything we do in order to fulfil our potential.
Respect For ourselves, each other and our world.
Co-operation To help us achieve our common goals.
Independence To develop the valuable skills of independence from a very early age.
Happiness To make others happy, to create a happy school and to be happy ourselves.

School Prospectus

Please feel free to download our latest prospectus that will give you information about many aspects of our school.

Prospectus PDF

North Wolds Federation

The North Wolds Federation is a proud collaboration between  Nettleton Community Primary School and Market Rasen Church of England Primary School. The Federation shares key staff, including our Executive Head Teacher, special needs co-ordinator, subject leaders and specialist teachers. The best thing about our Federation is that our children have many opportunities to make new friends with the children at our partner school on special days, curriculum visits and residential trips.

More information about this partnership can be found at www.northwoldsfederation.co.uk

Our Staff

Executive Headteacher Mr Andrew Smith
Head of School Miss Rhiannon Morgan
Class One Teachers Mrs Steph Clayton
Mrs Samantha Watson
Class Two Teacher Miss Rhiannon Morgan
Class Three Teacher

Mrs Angela Parry

Teacher (Intervention) Mrs Katie Priestley
Class One Learning Support Assistant Mrs Debbie Suddaby
Class One Teaching Assistant Mrs Nadine Crump
Class Two Teaching Assistant Miss Katie Bell
Class Three Teaching Assistant Mrs Fran Williams
Class Three Teaching Assistant Miss Abigail Green
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Susan Suddaby
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Nadine Crump
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss Katie Bell
School Business Manager Mrs Catherine Fussey
Administration Assistant Mrs Lisa Rutherford
Kitchen Supervisor (Based at Market Rasen C of E Primary) Mrs Emma Barnes
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Sam Smith
Breakfast Club Assistant Mrs Sam Smith
Breakfast Club Assistant Mrs Susan Suddaby
Caretaker Mr Harry Wilson
Staff Based at Market Rasen C of E Primary (Our Federated Partner School)

Mr Gary Easby            (Assessment Leader
Mr Sam Briston           (Maths Leader)
Mrs Nichola Allerston  (English Leader)
Mrs Claire Roberts      (EYFS Leader)
Mrs Lianne McGagh   (SENCo)





Our Address

Nettleton Community Primary School
Moortown Road
T: (01472) 851455

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